Enriching Life with Meditation


Meditation ( A Message for Restrained life )

Life lived with reasonable restraint is the basis for happiness. Restraint makes a man patient, well behaved and tolerant. It also develops the personality. So our Vedas and Religious scriptures teach us that even for living best life, one must live a restrained life. Then a person becomes the picture of equipoise, morally strong and detached. While performing the worldly duties, he never binds in worldly restrictions, thus by being involved in family; a man who lives with restraint can attain asceticism. This is the greatness of restrained life. Guruji also insists upon such a great life because in this materialistic world, people are eager to live an unrestrained, uncontrolled life. People are becoming the victim of many diseases and disorders due to their involvement in RAJAS and TAMAS driven by limitless desires. In brief, desire for accumulating wealth, makes a man shed restraint. So, Guruji insists on a balanced life lived with moderation and through his teachings, he awakens the world about the greatness of such life .The same pious sermons are for everyone that none should be overpowered by selfish desires to attain wealth. By fairness and hard work, the wealth which is earned is well deserved and one must never get tense about the things that are beyond reach. But one must keep on working hard. By fighting evil thoughts and developing positive energy with meditation, one must give direction to one’s life. Even after becoming an achiever in life, one should lead an ideal life which is balanced and restrained. It is the greatest virtue of a man if he remains balanced and restrained irrespective of circumstances.

What is Meditation?

True Meditation is taught by True Master. There is such a supreme power that is present inside everyone, which helps everybody in this world and  even beyond. Only the Guru makes it attainable by the means of meditation.The meditation is a chant which is practically tested by the Master to deliver the soul to higher realms. Once the Soul is emancipated, one can experience God, feels his existence, realize how profoundly He changes our life for the better and helps us get rid of our tensions and troubles.But Almighty God has to be prayed for by calling his True Name, the correct method of meditation. It helps one became powerful spiritually   and tap the ocean of joys within.And by meditating upon God’s words one reaches the tenth door, God’s light and sound is seen and heard. The God becomes manifest, internally.

Naam­Shabd: True Method of Meditation

The eternal truth of life, The Naam­Shabd is an ordered collection of words taught by a True Guru who is a selfless spiritual master. The words praise and invoke God. Simply put,it is a true method of meditation.Constant and regular practice of meditation leads one deep into one’s own consciousness and helps realize God internally, once it is done with utmost seriousness and firm belief in accordance with the teachings of the True Guru. One gains self confidence, becomes able to control anger   and negative emotions, experiences miracles and achieves worldly success.Every human being spends a majority of his/her time pushed and goaded by the impulses brought on by the five thieves, i.e. Lust, Ego, Worldly attachment, Anger and Greed. These thieves are in turn set in motion by Munn, the epicenter of negativity, and Maya, the perennially distracting illusion. Whilst the majority of our time is wasted away by these seven, we are unable to appreciate higher spiritual experiences. With regular practice of Naam­Shabd, one would be able to see through the blinding haze of these barriers.Naam­Shabd is a simple yet very powerful method of mediation that stills one’s body, emotions and mind; integrating them as a unit; and aligning their vibrations with God. Imagine, light becomes a powerful laser once all its constituent particles share a common resonant frequency. Similarly in terms of Physics, if all the misdirected vectors align into one common direction and focus, how much more powerful the resultant force becomes. And when it comes to aligning the vibrations with the God, the Supreme Power, the inner peace and tranquility that one experiences, is beyond our wildest imagination. With continuous practice, one perceives God’s sound and light and in the process becomes aware of the true purpose of one’s life.

What It Requires?

True meditation is a practical way of connecting with God. Each one of us can practice it irrespective of our gender, age, caste, creed, race, nationality or religion. Guru Ji, while initiating an individual, asks that he/she give up alcohol, non-­vegetarian food, and immorality. Besides this, there is no other restriction of any kind on the individual. After initiation one needs to spend 15­60 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening daily in meditation. When we are involved in mechanical work that does not require thinking, we can keep on repeating the chant silently, mentally or in an inaudible tone, whenever possible. Thus, prayers and hard work can go hand in hand, resulting in greater success. For instance, if we are walking, travelling or driving, the chanting can go on in our thoughts. It certainly helps improve our concentration and also delivers powerful worldly results such as success in good pursuits.

Benefits of Meditation

Human beings are goldmines of potentialities and capabilities that is never put to use in actual terms. Modern science believes that we are able to use only 15-­20% of our intellectual capacity. Through True meditation, these inherent powers unfold and we are able to utilize a much higher percentage of our brain for solving our problems. With this, solutions and answers appear from within even to the problems that appeared insurmountable earlier. The first and foremost benefit of the meditation is an increased self­ confidence and efficiency in one’s daily life, be it at home,office, or any other place. The increased will­power and positivity brings with it success in every endeavor that one embarks upon. True meditation removes stress and creates a sense of peace, joy, and strength within oneself. Scientific tests have shown that it strengthens one’s immune system and keeps one healthy. With enhanced level of consciousness, it awakens one’s intuition, repairs the body, and helps one flush out negative emotions. True meditation is a proven alternative therapy for not just common ailments but also incurable diseases. This unlocks higher healing powers unknown to any system of medicine. Many prominent doctors of our country not only recommend this meditation for their patients but are also practitioners of this meditation themselves. A combination of meditation with Praanayam has miraculously high cure rates in Asthma, high blood pressure,stress and anger. True meditation not only helps us live a happy, healthy and contented life but also ultimately helps us realize our Creator, God.