Bhandara 15 August 2016

On this auspicious day, disciples from all around the globe were gathered at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa Headquarters to celebrate their Spiritual Master’s Holy Incarnation day with full zeal despite of a hot and humid climate. About 77 Lakh followers were marked to attend this celebration. A Pre celebration was started on 14th of August by running a Mega Tree plantation drive, that too worldwide. Almost 40,00,000 saplings were planted in India and a round figure of about 18,056 saplings were planted in international circuits.

Bhandara programme got started at 6pm with spritiual hymns. Guru Ji greeted all his disciples around 8.15 pm with his appearance and started the program with an award ceremony of blocks with different trophies for their highest achievements in social activities. Guruji appreciated the crowd for coming to Dera in such a huge count all together for Bhandara on a hot day and said “Ram naam ki garmi pata nahi kitni garmiyun ko khatam kar dai”.

Humans have a lot of desires and it’s not possible to get them all fulfilled in one go. The ones which usually get fulfilled are short lived and the ones that doesn’t, human stays tensed for them. Guruji urged not to indulge in materialistic desires. Human mind becomes very mean sometimes, in the sense that he gets unhappy with God if the 100th wish doesn’t get fulfilled and disregards all the 99 wishes that have been fulfilled by God previously.

Guru Ji also highlighted that if human shows his gratitude towards God and thanks him for everything, then in return, he would definitely not hide anything from his child. Even if human devotes one breath to God, it can never happen that he will not give something in return. He explained his words by giving an example of the bond of a child with his mother. Like, she always have a caring attitude towards her own child and tries to fulfil all the wishes anyhow. Similarly, God is only the maker of mother, if a mother can fulfil all the desires of her child, then how can one assign a complaint against God, that he is not powerful enough to fulfil human desires (true and legitimate)? After all, God is the father of all mankind.

In this materialistic life, everybody needs materialistic things but only few seekers are looking for God. The point that everyone forgets is that if one attains God, then simultaneously all the materialistic things that are being prevailed on this earth will get automatically available to you.

Guruji gave an example to make the above statement more clear to the crowd. Once upon a time, a King organised an open day in his kingdom for people to come and grab anything they need, whether it’s food, clothes, or accessories. He made an announcement that the offer is only valid for one day and anything that is available in ground can be taken for free. People arrived from all spots on that particular day and grabbed whatever they needed like flour, utensils, gold, diamond etc. On the other hand, an ordinary looking man went up to the King and asked “Is it really true that I can take anything that is been kept on this Ground?”. To which, the King replied “Yes”.
He said, excuse me for what I am going to ask but I would like to take you along with me. The King realised that the man’s demand was right and appropriate as even the King was standing on the ground so he said “Ok, I am all yours”. Then the man replied if you are mine then automatically everything that you owe belongs to me, right? To which King agreed and said “Yes”. Then man said “stop this event of giving away all the things as now they all belong to me”.

Guruji insisted that God is the one who only gives and doesn’t take anything in return. If humans can give up all their bad habits, then no power can stop God to bestow all his blessings on this universe. One who accepts his mistakes is called “Human” but the ones who doesn’t is named as an “Animal”. Everyone knows whether they are doing wrong deeds or not but they do not accept and always make an excuse by saying “I didn’t know”. How can that be possible that one who is making a mistake isn’t aware of it? In this era, people refuse to accept their mistakes. And on the top, they are always ready to make an excuse to not accept it.

The one who does accept his/her mistakes are progressing and learning every day. Guruji gave an example of this behaviour that happened during movie shooting, a staff member who was working on the set was called twice by Guruji but he kept ignoring. Finally, on third call he heard Guruji and when he was asked about the first two calls, his response was that “I couldn’t hear due to my glasses on”. How can someone’s hearing be affected by wearing sunglasses??? Not only this, these days’ people are very mean and good at pretending. They are just not ready to listen to others. In this meanness, human is one step ahead of camouflage. Camouflage was used to describe his natural colour changing behaviour. He changes colour as per the surroundings in a while but nowadays, human changes his colour every second and sometimes that’s seen during conversation too. It’s quite astonishing to see human changing this way so quickly.

Human mind have been caught very naughty, it doesn’t allow human to meditate while traveling, sitting ideal etc. It’s our negative thoughts only, that takes this human mind here and there in thoughts but would not allow to meditate. But if human manages to get through all this struggle, and further meditates while working, travelling or even just sitting ideal, then Guruji guarantees that anyone can receive God grace both internally and externally!

Guruji said that Saints can read human faces. It’s all written on the forehead from where they can analyse everything that is going on inside. So, listen to Saint’s teaching or suggestions to get maximum benefit out of it. Guruji gave an example of one of his disciple who was suffering from 4th Stage cancer. Approximately 15 years ago, he came to see Guru Ji and asked for his blessings. Guruji just asked the disciple to approach PGI Hospital in Chandigarh. This disciple had already been to that place previously and their doctors have already gave up on him and even clarified by saying that he won’t survive more than 10 days. His family started refusing to take him back to the same hospital but still he insisted and stood by his Master’s say. He went to the PGI once again for a random check-up and came back, that too without taking any medication. 10 days seemed to get pass away and on the other hand, he got caught up with bloody diarrhoea, continuous vomit etc. He started losing 15-18kgs very quickly in those 10days. He didn’t lose hope and kept meditating and after few days the vomit and diarrhoea started improving and fortunately after a month, he visited himself to Dera Sacha Sauda, to thank his True Master, on whom he showed his eternal faith and went on according to his words.

Guruji also emphasised on making sure that one must believe in one God and not get confused with different forms. One is enough and stick to it. People also complain that God doesn’t fulfil their desire. God only fulfils legitimate and true desires. Not all desires are true and are meant to be fulfilled. For example, if a child cries to play with venomous snake, will the parents be giving that snake to the child? Obviously not!
As, they know the risks of fulfilling this desire of the child. Similarly, God knows what is right and good for its child and we can get all our true desires fulfilled by God if we meditate and pray regularly. God will never fulfil our wrong desires, no matter how hard we pray and meditate for them.

During spiritual discourse, even question-answer session was held just to answer the doubts of the disciples regarding spirituality. Motion poster of Lion Heart movie was shown to sadh sangat on their high evidence request. Guru Ji poured all his love on disciples by singing a hymn in his melodious voice “Meri ankhon mai basai hai alla raam, kasai mai palak kholu”.

At the end, 2 bhakt yodha marriage, 1 mardani bhakt virangana marriage and 1 kul ka crown marriage was being held amidst all the crowd and each couple were being rewarded with a cheque of Rs. 25,000 each by Guruji as a token of Love.

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