Blood acts as a lifeline, in the absence or even deficiency causes criticalities and endangers human life. Humans are gifted with this capability of donating Blood to save lives of their fellow beings, sharing this Planet. Healthy individuals can donate every 3 months which in fact is good for their body, as body regenerates fresh lease of Blood which is healthier option, thus acting as a boon for the receiver and also helping the one donor.

This lifeline has been given to everyone but in situations like accidents or illnesses, people end up losing their lives due to a lack of a few units of blood.

Setting a supreme example before the whole world, the multi-religious DeraSachaSauda has donated 4,51,081 units till date of which 29,800 units have been donated for Indian Army. To appreciate this exemplary service towards the Nation, National Red Cross Society’s President MrSolanki,Haryana CM Mr. ManahorLal&Governorof Haryana, presented Rev. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsan with a Trophy&appreciation letter for being the Largest Blood Donor Agency.These numbers do not include the blood donations organised by followers in their respective blocks and villages.

Under the pious guidance of the Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, it has also been inspiring followers around the world to regularly donate blood.

The blood donated by them has provided a new lease of life to lakhs of people including armed forces personnel, reporters, police officials, thalassemia patients, and AIDS patients.

Three Guinness World Records for blood donation
Of the 17 world records held by the DeraSachaSauda, 3 pertain to blood donation. It has donated 4,53,162 units of blood till date.

This is the need of the hour, only if every person pledges his blood and organs for the needy, all shortages can be easily met and no person will ever have to live a deprived life.

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