The practice of cleanliness is considered next to Godliness. Whichever country or place we live in, its our social obligation to keep the surroundings and work place clean and tidy. In its aim of extendingsupport for this social cause, India based social organisation DeraSachaSauda conducted its 20thcleanliness campaign in Lodi city, Italy. DeraSachaSauda supports and promotes welfare works on a large scale. In this social campaign held at Lodi city, total 90 volunteers participated. They cleaned the city area and river ‘Adda’ surroundings. Everyone worked their heart out to make the environment clean and healthy, volunteers removed all wastes, dirt, garbage of the city, the roads and riversides.

The deed of selfless human service was praised by the localities and impressed by the volunteers’ passion to serve the mother earth, few local media journalists too chipped in hands in the campaign. Volunteers gave inspirational credit to DeraSachaSauda’s Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh JiInsan. People from NGO Catirusand other local NGOs witnessed & appreciated the efforts put into the cleanliness campaign by all volunteers and extended their regards to Dr. MSG.

It would be worth mentioning that this cleanliness drive is in under continuous progress under the banner of ‘Cleanse the earth, to remove disease and curse, a cleanliness revolution started in India’scapital,New Delhi on 21st September 2011 which amassed over quarter of a million volunteers who cleaned the complete city within 2 days. These drives have become necessity in the interest of prevention of diseases and public health measures as clean environment keeps us away from epidemic diseases & give us the feeling of social well being.

Dera Sacha Sauda with its immense efforts evidently proves it’s slogan “Cleanse the Earth , to Remove Disease and Curse.”


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